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Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivity testing and correction is done utilizing a technique called Total Body Modification. 


Total Body Modification (TBM) is an advanced kinesiological technique that evaluates, re-balances and resets energy imbalances found in the organs and functions of the body that require resolution before an individual can achieve true health.


TBM identifies these imbalances using the technique of muscle testing, and corrects the sensitivity by restoring balance to the system by stimulating reflex points located on the body.


This non-invasive kinesiology testing uses small vials that are given to you to hold while performing a manual muscle test. This will allow us to identify any allergens or chemical stressors specific to your health.

 TBM is a combination of testing systems, organs, and specific points and then making corrections on the body that are connected with certain health impairments and imbalances. These dysfunctions are frequently associated with short circuits in the body's bioelectrical system.


Your body's electrical system can be likened to a bio-computer. This electrical system operates on small internal direct currents that mirrors the nervous system. When your body's short circuits are rebalanced, your healing forces will be refocused and your body will move towards balance and healing.


We look to identify energy imbalances and make appropriate corrections to the bio-computer to restore the imbalances within the body's electrical energy system.