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Drafting your Birth Team!

Who is trying out for your birth team?

When the time comes to birth your baby, do you know exactly who you want with you during this experience? Maybe it’s only your partner, or your mom, or maybe a close friend or sibling. Regardless, whomever is going to support you in those pivotal moments, you MUST absolutely trust them. Let’s take a moment to dream…. now, close your eyes and imagine what your perfect team looks… who is holding your hand, showering you with love, and listening to your heart? THOSE are the people who you need on your team! A strong support team is crucial to achieving the birth you have always dreamed of. So, who’s in your corner?

By the time a pregnancy is underway, it’s likely that Mama has chosen a midwife or OBGYN that she can trust, she has started thinking about where she may want to give birth, and possibly has looked into some birth classes to prepare for the big day. There’s so much more to consider, though! The perfect crew will advocate for Mama and inform her of all of her options and encourage her to make HER best-informed choice for HER and HER BABY. This team will provide answers to questions Mama didn’t even know she had and provide her with assurance that she is a birthing Goddess! Many pregnant women don’t know the many options they have throughout their term or are unaware that there are ways to alleviate and balance several not so pleasurable symptoms of pregnancy that she may be experiencing. That’s where choosing the right team and the right chiropractor come into play! It’s very important to choose birth professionals and experts when drafting your team. These people will give facts only, and make sure you know all of your options.

Birth professionals to consider: doulas, breastfeeding prenatal classes, massage therapists, prenatal yoga classes, nutritionists, acupuncturist, maternity/birth photographer, placenta encapsulation specialists, postpartum care, pelvic floor physical therapists, just to name a few.

Benefits of chiropractic care prior to pregnancy

  • Promotes regular menstrual cycles

  • May help optimize uterine function

  • Prepares the body for healthy implantation of the egg

  • Ensures proper nerve supply to reproductive organs!

Aside from basic check-ups with an OBGYN or midwife, what are you doing for the growth, development, and adaptation of Mama and Baby? Birth is more than just supporting Mama as her baby enters the world. Not only is there a baby born, but the Mama is reborn herself, too. Several prenatal and birth professionals support Mama throughout her entire pregnancy whether it be physically or emotionally.

Chiropractors, midwives, and doulas are the perfect advocates to encourage and empower the whole family throughout pregnancy and in preparation for Mama’s dream birth.

If Mama is under regular chiropractic care, her prenatal chiropractor will spend more time supporting her than any other birth professional during her pregnancy experience. That means, her chiropractor will ensure she is well supported by her team, has a nervous system that's functioning at its best, and that her and baby are well adapting to stress and the environment in preparation for their dream birth debut.

Seeing a prenatal chiropractor regularly before and throughout pregnancy, as well as postpartum is vital to maintain the normal physiological functions of Mama and baby.

Pregnancy is a time of abundance and getting regularly checked by a prenatal chiropractor can keep it that way! With the perfectly chosen birth team, Mama doesn’t have to face the regular, expected struggles of pregnancy and childbirth, and can feel informed, supported, and loved throughout her divine experience. Who doesn’t want that?

Benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy

  • Pelvic alignment and balance

  • Pain Relief

  • Increased Comfort

  • Shorter labor times

  • Decreased need for interventions during birth

Your ideal team remains with you well past your delivery. Mama’s body goes through many changes in the days, weeks, and months following delivery. Adapting to life with baby on the outside is such an exciting time, but requires lots of adaptation, nonetheless. Doulas, midwives, chiropractors and lactation consultants provide support with breastfeeding for as long as mom needs to ensure she and her baby are bonding and thriving.

Chiropractic care works with the nervous system after pregnancy just as much as it did during pregnancy.

That includes the immune, hormonal, digestive, reproductive, and musculoskeletal systems. Helping mama thrive postpartum will ensure that her baby will thrive! In addition, getting baby checked and adjusted right after birth, ensures baby, also, is growing and thriving from the get-go! That’s the name of the game.

Benefits of chiropractic after pregnancy

  • More comfort while breastfeeding

  • Greater production of breastmilk

  • Less incidence of postpartum depression

  • Ensures proper nerve function while the body is healing and adapting to postpartum life

  • Positive effects when infants are adjusted: latching, easeful sleeping, and strong immune system!

The complete birth team has a stacked bench of players. It’s essential to feel confident with the information you’re given when growing and nourishing a new life! Having a strong support system will help mom feel at ease, and secure, before and after delivery. Who is making the final cut for your all-star birth team?

Are you ready to meet your birth team? On Tuesday, March 31st at 6 pm, Love and Light Family Chiropractic will be hosting a VIRTUAL meet and greet! Check out our event on Facebook to find the upcoming event webinar link! You don't want to miss all the amazing birth support personnel the Upstate has to offer!

Living LOVE & LIGHT,

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