• Dr. Kayla Abeid, DC, CAC

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby isn't good enough!

Healthy mom, healthy baby is the societal "status quo", but I am here to tell you there is much more to health than that! A baby born breathing and crying are great vital signs of life, but they don't equate to thriving.

Birth, in itself, is quite the event for mom and for baby. Oftentimes, babies are twisted, pulled, sandwiched, vacumed, or even forced out with the use of forceps, which is extremely traumatic to their tiny little bodies and developing nervous systems. On top of that, mom's pelvis may be malpositioned, creating intrauterine constraint contributing to baby being born in a less common presentation and with increased tension.

Even the most natural and undisturbed births, can result in birth trauma that is left undetected.

Chiropractic care aims to put mom and baby in the perfect position to have the safe and ease filled birth they deserve.

90% of Babies are born with birth subluxations, or nervous system dysfunction from birth trauma: associated strain through the neck and cranial areas following birth.

Top 8 most common causes of birth subluxations:

1. Very short labor

2. Very long labor

3. Use of pitocin

4. Pain medications

5. Restricted maternal birthing positions

6. Pulling or twisting on the head to deliver the infant's body

7. Use of forceps or vacuum extraction.

8. Cesarean delivery/belly birth

Even though the birthing process is just one event in a child’s life, this potentially traumatic and aggressive process can affect a baby’s nervous system and entire body for years to come. The bones in a baby’s neck are very delicate, and they surround an even more delicate spinal cord. Once a baby is born, we protect their head and neck at all costs, it seems. But what are we really doing for their nervous system as a whole?

Chiropractic adjustments for infants and babies are specific, gentle, and extremely safe.

The pressure used on your baby’s spinal bones and nervous system is the amount of pressure we would use to test the ripeness of a tomato.

If these subluxations are left uncorrected what can this lead to?

1. Respiratory dysfunction

2. Irritability/Colic

3. Difficulty Nursing

4. Balance Issues

5. Sleeping Difficulty

6. Delayed Milestones

7. Digestive Disorders (reflux, diarrhea, constipation)

8. Recurrent Ear Infections

9. Allergies or Asthma

10. Weakened Immune Systems

11. Torticollis/Plagiocephaly

A study by a Dr. Videman, MD found that “Joint degeneration begins within 5-7 days post injury no matter the age. ” If left uncorrected, joint dysfunction

will impede optimum healing, the joint will never return back to its normal state, and healing can take an excess of 18 months longer than if corrected during the initial post injury phase."

Getting your baby's spine checked for nervous system dysfunction will ensure your baby is growing, adapting, and functioning at their absolute best. Who wouldn't want that for their new baby?

All too often, chiropractic care is the last resort for most parents, after exhausting all other doctors, pills and potions to no avail. Imagine if all parents brought their newborn bundles of joy into a pediatric chiropractor immediately, or even just a little bit sooner, just to check their spine for nervous system dysfunction?

Bringing a child into a chiropractor is an effective, safe, and likely cost-effective option for any family. We all want our children to thrive, why not give them every opportunity to live life uninhibited?

Through gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments and craniosacral releases, your baby can adapt, heal, and thrive the way they were created to. Call our office today to schedule your baby's spine check up!

Living LOVE & LIGHT to you,


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