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How important is your pet?

If you’re a pet owner, you know how important your animal is to you and your family. Let’s face it, they’re our furry children. If you’re like me, you couldn’t imagine your life without your pet(s) and will do absolutely anything for them. That’s because our animals give us unconditional love and companionship; the least we can do for them is properly care for them.

The goal of animal chiropractic is to restore function, mobility, and position to the subluxated vertebrae to remove obstructions to the nervous system.

An optimally functioning nervous system allows the body to adapt to its environment, enabling the animals’ body to perform at its highest potential.

A lot of chiropractors adjust animals, but not all chiropractors have the specialized training to analyze the nervous system of an animal and adjust it. Certified animal chiropractors deliver specific adjustments with high velocity and low force. It is very gentle and has many benefits for your animal!

Goals of an adjustment:

1. Reduce pain and muscle spasms

2. Restore proper motion

3. Stimulate neurological reflexes

4. Restore proper parasympathetic/sympathetic tone and nervous system balance

Subluxations in animals come from big and small traumas.

Stress to your animals’ body could be caused by bumpy car rides, jerking on their leash, confinement in a kennel, landing wrong from a jump, or many other ways. Over time, these bumps and bruises take a toll on their spine and nervous system.

Symptoms of subluxation may include pain, spasm, stiffness, sensitivity to touch, lameness, gait abnormalities, postural compromise and even organ dysfunction. Majority of the time there may are

no symptoms at all.

When an animal chiropractor examines and checks the spine of an animal initially, they can determine the frequency of adjustments required and recommend proper spinal hygiene care instructions. Many factors go into deciding the frequency and need of adjustments. For example, the length of time the problem has been present, condition of the animal, and the amount and significance of injury and dysfunction in the nervous system. The nervous system does take time to heal, so this process requires cooperation and commitment from the owner and is specific to each individual animal in terms of the frequency, intensity, and animal’s ability to heal from the inside out.

Health starts with the nervous system.

As you know, the nervous system controls and organizes every muscle, tissue, cell, organ and organ system within yours and your animal’s body. Therefore, it is important to make additional healthy choices for your animal while receiving chiropractic care to maximize their healing—this includes a healthy diet and proper exercise. Without proper nutrition, animals cannot produce waste to flush out toxins which then leads to more imbalances in their body.

A biologically appropriate diet for your pet gives them a shiny coat, wet nose, firm stool, and the ability to fight infections with quick recovery. Like any living being, nutritional needs change with age. So, it is important for owners to do their research and provide the proper nutrients to your aging animal. In addition, it is imperative that animals are properly exercised and provided with adequate physical stimulation. Whether your pet is a specific herding or working breed, has a specific job, or is a couch potato or mixed rescue breed, daily exercise is important to keep the joints lubricated, the mind occupied, and cardiovascular system healthy and strong.

We all want the best for our furry family members. Chiropractic care, nutrition, and movement are the best ways to prolong the love your animal gives you.

Do the best for them so you can spend your time with them making memories!

This February, and in 2020, let’s all share the love and health we have by giving back. Look into your local animal shelter for ways to donate time or money to their facility. If each of us can do a little, we can make a difference in the lives of innocent animals everywhere! With volunteers and resources, shelter animals could face less traumas.

Living LOVE & LIGHT,

Some chiropractors adjust animals without going through the training, but the animal spine & anatomy is different than a human’s, thus we suggest only choosing a chiropractor that has the training through a certified animal chiropractic program. Chiropractic Care is not intended to replace traditional veterinary care, but is considered an alternative therapy, to be used concurrently and in conjunction with veterinarian care. We work with veterinarians who refer their clients to us. Let us know if we can answer your questions about animal chiropractic.

About the AVCA

AVCA certification is awarded only to licensed Doctors of Chiropractic and/or veterinary medicine who have passed an accredited postgraduate program in animal chiropractic. These doctors are also required to pass both the written comprehensive and clinical competency examinations offered by the Animal Chiropractic Certification Commission (ACCC) of the AVCA. All doctors certified by the AVCA must complete continuing education hours to maintain their certification. For more information about the AVCA visit their website at www.animalchiropractic.org.

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