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(In)Fertility Tales.

Approximately 10% of women in the US struggle with infertility. As much as we would love fertility to be easy and uncomplicated, there are many factors that influence a woman’s ability to get pregnant. To name a few… weight, diet, exercise, toxins, quality of life and stress are huge factors that play into fertility. Knowledge and education on fertility unfortunately differs in some respects, but it is essential to take control of your own fertility and reproductive health through accurate information.

A nervous system free of interference is a huge piece of the puzzle of fertility, and everyone should know about it.

Interference in the nervous system occurs from several components.

The 3 T’s: toxins, traumas, and thoughts encompass the different types of stress put on the body. Toxins include a poor diet, medications, toxic skin care products, pollutants in the air or environment, smoking, and alcohol intake. Traumas include all the big and small damages that occur throughout our lives; falls, poor posture, accidents, or carrying a backpack on one shoulder repeatedly are just a few examples. In addition to the physical traumas, mental and emotional traumas are most often even more impactful to our nervous system than the physical ones. The last “T” is thoughts and is the emotional aspect to this. All the negative emotions, stressors, and worries on a day to day basis cause damage to our nervous system. Stress is defined as experiencing worry, physical mental, or emotional tension. It is the specific response by the body to a stimulus that interferes with the normal state of the body. No matter what the stressor is, the body will respond by stimulating the nervous system, hormone system, and immune system to account for physical changes and protect the body at all costs.

Physical, chemical and emotional stressors GREATER than the body’s ability to adapt CAUSES nervous system interference!

The aim of chiropractic care is to remove nerve interference to the whole body caused by vertebral subluxations in the spinal column. Nerves coming from the spinal cord go to specific parts of the body. In the lower back, the lumbar region, nerves send messages to the reproductive organs, and pelvis.

A subluxation (or nerve interference) in this region of the spine or pelvis can lead to infertility, reproductive challenges, or abnormal menstrual cycles. Imagine if you were playing a game of telephone: you are your nervous system trying to relay messages to your neighbor, the reproductive organ. If there’s not a clear message from you to your neighbor... or your nervous system to your reproductive organ… there’s going to be a miscommunication.

Subluxations in any area of the spine can have detrimental effects to any part of the body, though. In many studies, women diagnosed as infertile by medical doctors found resolution through chiropractic care! A patient with subluxations in the neck, mid, and lower back was adjusted and able to conceive naturally after six weeks of chiropractic care. Women struggling with conception have been given hope countless times when vertebral subluxations are removed and the body is allowed to heal and function in which it was created to. In too many instances, chiropractic is not the first choice for infertility resolution.

After numerous interventions to become pregnant, chiropractic adjustments are a simple and non-invasive approach to regaining fertility!

Taking care of our body in preparation to become pregnant, or in everyday life, keeps the nervous system functioning properly. Through proper diet, exercise, and chiropractic care, studies show countless positive health outcomes. Diet has a particular effect on ovulation. One study found that women replacing carbohydrates with animal protein increased their chance of infertility. However, replacing carbohydrates with vegetable protein had the opposite effect! A proper diet of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats is best served by natural sources, or unprocessed foods.

When beginning the journey of pregnancy, why nourish the body with anything but the best?

Fertility has many influences constantly working for it and against it, and the body has to adapt to it all. Chiropractic care gives the body the ability to heal, adapt and do exactly what it needs to, in order to thrive. When the body is free of nerve interference, there is nothing stopping your body from functioning at its best. Give your body the best chance to conceive naturally and stress free through regular chiropractic care, proper diet, and exercise!

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