• Dr. Kayla Abeid, DC, CAC

Manifesting 20/20 Vision

Manifestation seems to be a theme this year already. Making resolutions and goals is a form of manifesting the future. A tried and true method of manifesting, though, is creating a vision board. I know what you are all thinking, making a vision board sounds like a lot of work. I promise it will be a fun task to do with a cup of tea, and once it’s done your creation will fuel you to make things happen in 2020!

Let’s call on creative visualization to inspire you this new year!

When making goals and resolutions for the new year, it’s important for them to be measurable, realistic, and visible. But when creating a vision board, the sky is the limit. Ask yourself exciting questions. What does your future home look like? Family? Career? Where have you always wanted to travel? What qualities does your future partner have?

Time to dig deep and dream big!!

Creative visualization can take many forms and go very far out, but they should be organized. These dreams can span all areas of life or one specific dream. This visualization could even be for a specific event or theme! The world is your oyster on this one.

An excellent place to start is jotting down hopes and dreams for the following areas of your life: family, professional/career, personal, spiritual, financial, social, intellectual, and travel! Try to list a few thoughts for each category.

An example of an old vision board:

1. Family: photos of our current family, with hopes of at least three more beautiful children, family land, acres upon acres to house a dog rescue, more furry family members and to watch our children run and play.

2. Professional/career: Husband and wife chiropractic team, serving thousands of families –men, women, children and their animals, witnessing miracles daily, owning real estate, on site animal rescue supporting the local community

3. Personal: get back into a regimented lifting routine, practice yoga regularly

4. Spiritual: practice prayer, meditation, gratitude, and affirmations daily

5. Financial: profitable business, purchase a home, pay off student debt, financial abundance, philanthropy

6. Social: host events and share community with practice members, make an impact in the Spartanburg community’s health and wellbeing.

7. Intellectual: constantly learning, growing, being uncomfortable and working hard to be a better version of myself daily.

8. Travel: whole family trips to various beaches and Disney World. Luxurious Women’s retreats with my FBS sisters, resort stays a with my husband, and bucket list adventures like Sedona.

Now comes the fun, creative part! Look through magazines for images that spark inspiration or go along with your visions. If your vision board is for an event, search for images and objects to stick on the board that represent what success, or the perfect end product would be! In my creative visualization space, I have photos of friends, pictures of gardens and house plants, images that represent the kind of patients I hope to have, quotes or lyrics I love, and paint swatches for my future office!

Dreaming big in this instance is exactly the point, there is never too much inspiration.

Just like setting goals and resolutions, your dream board should be displayed to that you see it every day. Let these manifestations of your dreams drive your success and purpose! Create your board with purpose and intention; take the time to make it what you’ve always wanted.

Call to action: Share your dream board in the comments and be sure to tag us @lovelightfamilychiropractic and hashtag #LLFC2020vision

When we put our intentions into the Universe, we are asking, aligning, and allowing. Ask & it is given! Allow and so it is.

Living Love & Light to you,

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