• Dr. Kayla Abeid, DC, CAC

Nail trims, spine health, and posture. Oh my!

Many factors indicate proper health, in humans and animals, that we glance over.

People are beginning to realize that sitting at a desk day after day can have long-term effects on our bodies, but how much do they understand? Sitting with poor posture 40 hours a week is not doing the health of our spines, or bodies, any favors. This causes damage to our nervous system, leading to chronic illness and pain. Spine health is just as important in our animals, and it’s our responsibility to maintain their health.

I bet most people don’t know that nail length is indicative of overall wellness for animals!

The first thing we notice about long nails is when we get scratched, or we hear the click clacking on the floor. But have you ever noticed how their gait changes when their nails are too long? Animals, namely dogs, walk on the front of their paws. This is essential for how they carry their weight. Trimmed nails allow animals to walk comfortably, have good posture and weight distribution, grip the terrain, and prevent joint problems. When their nails are too long, they walk farther back on the paws, completely changing their posture and forcing the nail back into the nail bed making them much more susceptible to injury and pain.

If you’ve ever trimmed an animals’ nails, you may have encountered blood or pain. That’s the quick of the nail. When we let their nails get overgrown, the quick, containing nerves and blood vessels, is overgrown. When we trim our pets’ nails regularly and consistently, it will keep the quick short! Thus, avoiding blood and pain (and trauma for you).

Regular, scheduled nail trims reduce

1. risk of injury

2. risk of infection

3. slipping, instability

4. stress on the body and mind

5. opportunity to scratch you, or scratch themselves…which could lead to infection

Maintenance, and consistency are the names of the game when it comes to wellness, in general. Developing a routine that you take care of is essential for your furry family members! We groom animals before they’re too shaggy, get their teeth cleaned, feed them, trim their nails, and take them on walks. What are we doing for their nervous system, though?

Trim nails and spine health go hand in hand. Keeping their nails trimmed is a preventative measure so that your pet can live long, comfortable lives. Every nerve going to each muscle, organ, cell in your animals’ body originates in their brain and spinal cord. Stress from posture, long nails, and leading an active lifestyle can directly put pressure on the nervous system of your pet.

Correcting subluxations and creating harmony in the spine of an animal assures that messages from the nervous system get to every part of their body without disruption, or interference.

For example, a subluxation in your pets’ mid-back can put pressure on the nerves going to the lungs, heart, and front legs. If left under pressure, symptoms will be obvious and change the long-term health of your dog.

Ultimately, we all want our pets to live long, happy lives. Paying close attention to the health of their spine, and regularly cutting their nails are large pieces of the wellness puzzle. So next time you get your spine checked, take your pet to an animal chiropractor so they can feel the same sense of relief and health that you do!

This February, and in 2020, let’s all share the love and health we have by giving back. Look into your local animal shelter for ways to donate time or money to their facility. If each of us can do a little, we can make a difference in the lives of innocent animals everywhere! With volunteers and resources, shelter animals could face less traumas.

Living LOVE & LIGHT to you and your furry-kids!

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