• Dr. Kayla Abeid, DC, CAC

Sexual health, yep we're talking about it!

Stress effects men’s health very differently than women’s health. What many men don’t know is that their posture and physical stress can be detrimental to their sexual, emotional, and hormonal health. Unfortunately, the “manly” mindset is “if I’m not passing out from pain, then I must be healthy.” Simply put: a lack of pain doesn’t equate to being “healthy.” Subluxations caused by stress can lead to unbalanced hormone levels, digestive problems, and infertility.

As we already know about chiropractic, misalignments in the spine set the stage for a whole host of problems if not properly addressed.

Subluxation have a negative effect on our body as a whole; each nerve in the body comes from a particular spinal nerve, at a particular segment. The nerves that supply the reproductive organs of males originate in the lower back and pelvis area. Misalignments in those areas or repetitive movements can lead to pressure and dysfunction within the nerves going to the pelvis. The nervous system is like a highway; when there is traffic or construction, it is really difficult for the information to reach its destination. Dysfunction in the pelvic region of the male nervous system can look like unbalanced testosterone levels, low libido, and reproductive issues.

Testosterone deficiency might not be obvious right away. Some symptoms are commonly erectile dysfunction, loss of body hair, obesity, fatigue, depression, and loss of muscle. Testosterone issues can be very pricey to treat with medications that usually have hefty side effects. Chiropractic adjustments are a non-invasive way to restore hormonal function to the body without all of the fine print. Inversely, too much testosterone can cause infertility issues all of its own.

It is essential that the body is working in perfect harmony in order to contribute to the miracle of reproduction.

Miracles have been at work with women’s fertility since the beginning of chiropractic in the late 1800s. Those same marvels happen for men with their reproductive health! Restoring the function of the nervous system is not a temporary solution through chiropractic care. It is a lifelong commitment to health and vitality! Fertility medications and therapies only address the obvious problem at hand, often just placing a band aid over the real issue. Males might think taking a few vitamins every now and again is good enough for their health. But a fully functioning nervous system and reproductive system takes proper nurturing, proper nutrition, and regular specific chiropractic adjustments.

When most people think about chiropractic care, they think of pain relief, headache relief, and improved posture. The real beauty of chiropractic care is the hopeful resolution of chronic infertility for men and women, digestive issues, and so much more that might not be obvious –specifically through the reduction of interference and increased ability of function and healing within the spine and nervous system. If the structure of the body is fully harmonized, then the function of the body will be as fluid as a river!

June is Men's Health Awareness Month! All men can receive a complimentary nervous system scan the entire month of June to see the condition and function of their spine and nervous system! Be sure to take advantage of this amazing offer by calling our office to schedule today!

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