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The Anatomy of Men that gets forgotten!

Okay ladies --we know women can (and will) do anything men can do...but, let's face it, men are probably still more likely to perform manual labor jobs for several years in their careers. Men also carry their stress differently than us, and are sometimes reluctant to seek help for their stress and pain. We all know of "that one man" that refuses to ask for help when they’ve been aching and wincing for years or months. We can all think of "that one man" (or a hand full, let's be real), too, that had to retire early because they didn’t take care of their body. Construction, agriculture, carpenters, auto mechanics, movers, policemen and firefighters are just a few industries that require total body manual labor!

Chiropractic adjustments are the perfect way to keep the body functioning at 100%.

In the US, the average age of retirement for men is 64. The most common surgeries include knee and hip replacements, laminectomy (back surgery), and other arm or leg repairs. The reality is that manual laborers work long hours on their feet bending over without much down time. Repetitive movements day after day can lead to quite a few musculoskeletal injuries that may turn into permanent fixtures of pain in a man’s life. Knee, neck, shoulder, hip, and lower back pain can be extremely distracting whether constant or random. Imagine the kind of POWERHOUSE a man would be if he had been taking care of his nervous system and skeleton right from the start, before the pain even showed up! This body is the only one we’ve got, why not show some love to the vessel that will carry us our whole lives?

One research study observed a population of male Latino manual laborers and found associations between manual work and musculoskeletal injuries. The whole body is connected. Men that had rotator cuff syndrome in their shoulder had also developed carpal tunnel syndrome in their wrist. Most of these men also complained of lower back pain, which would cause them to change their posture, thus making their shoulders vulnerable.

Injuries, if not properly addressed, have a domino effect in the body.

A subluxation in the spine can descend to the rest of the body, and an injury to the extremities can cause issues to our spine. Manual laborers need their bodies to be well oiled machines! Another study was done observing male farmers with associated chronic low back pain. These workers physically exerted themselves heavily while working and worked in extremely awkward postures. This trial highlighted many other associated issues with chronic low back pain like psychiatric disorders, comorbidities, disabilities, and the connection of an increase in age and increase in pain. Essentially, injuries and pain in the low back can be the beginning of a laundry list of issues when not addressed early or at all.

Additionally, knee pain can be the cause or an effect of ankle injuries or hip injuries. Laborers that are standing, kneeling, and bending all day long know how important their knees are. A study showing the association with knee pain and reduced work productivity proved just that. The workers in this study reported one or more days off work due to knee pain and reported lower productivity if knee pain was at a maximum.

Something all of these manual laborers have in common is the position of their head and neck while working. The more hunched and leaned over someone is, the heavier their head is on their spine. Forward head posture leads to incredible neck pain, nerve dysfunction, and degeneration of the spine.

Pain is the last thing to show up and the first to go away. But what NO ONE has ever told you, is that there are FIVE other functions lost before the pain alarm sounds: mobility, proprioception, temperature control, sensory, and motor function, specifically. I don't know about you, but I don't want to lose any of these primary functions! In the same right, just because the pain goes away, doesn't mean the functions are restored either!

All of these workers mentioned above should see a chiropractor at some point in their career. Chiropractic care can be a great benefit, improving quality of life, for anyone with a career in industry or manual laborer occupations. Who do you know that needs to see a chiropractor as soon as possible?

June is Men's Health Awareness Month! All men can receive a complimentary nervous system scan the entire month of June to see the condition and function of their spine and nervous system! Be sure to take advantage of this amazing offer by calling our office to schedule today!

Living Love & Light,

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