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Your First Visit

New Practice Member Application: *Please complete your application 24 hours prior to your first appointment in order for Drs. Kayla or Anthony to review your application in depth. Also, please read and sign the informed consent, practice policies, and notice of privacy practice online 24 hours prior to your first visit. 


During your consultation, Drs. Kayla or Anthony will take an extensive health, learn about your health goals, and address any questions you may have about chiropractic and your new journey towards better expression of life and vision of ideal living. 

Comprehensive Examination

Following your consultation, we will perform a thorough comprehensive chiropractic examination to assess your spine and nervous system function. These examinations allow us to fully understand the state of your health, so we can develop a specific care plan and provide you with the care you deserve.  The comprehensive chiropractic examination consists of our state of the art technology, the CLA INSiGHT system, PostureScreen digital analysis, and a hands on chiropractic examination. This aides Dr. Kayla or Anthony in understanding the cause of your health challenge(s) to create your customized care instructions. 

Your Second Visit

At the beginning of your second appointment you will be presented with a doctor's report. During this report, Drs. Kayla or Anthony will present and review what she/he discovered about your health based on your consultation, scans, exams, and posture screen. From there, the doctor will provide you customized care instructions, which is the route for regaining and keeping your health. During that time, she/he will also share ways in which you can save money on your care. We find that it is much easier to bring your spouse/significant other with you so they can hear about the doctors report concerning your health. As well, it's best when your spouse/significant other can ask questions if they so desire. Plan to spend 30-minutes at our office during this visit. All other visits last about 5-8 minutes. We fully embrace that you do not live to get adjusted but rather get adjusted to FULLY LIVE!!

Following your Doctor’s report and instructions for care, you will schedule and begin your specific care instructions with your first adjustment. You will be checked for vertebral subluxation and if present, you'll get adjusted. It's as simple as that! Your first adjustment is very special to us, as it signifies the first step towards a life free and clear of nervous system interference.  ​

Doctor's Report of Findings

First Adjustment

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